AOL to Launch iPad Magazine App This Summer

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, May 14, 2011.

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    AOL has just announced plans to launch its own iPad magazine this summer, called Editions, according to Business Insider. AOL says that the app is designed to appeal to people who enjoy the experience of getting a daily paper every day, and are looking for something a little more personal from a magazine iPad app, rather than for real-time news junkies who are glued to Twitter all day. Clearly it’s influenced somewhat by the massively successful Flipboard iPad app, although AOL VP of Mobile David Temkin told Business Insider when he demoed the app for them that AOL is not trying to copy Flipboard, for example, it doesn’t scan your Twitter and Facebook feeds to find news stories and features for you to read in the same way that Flipboard does. What Editions does do instead is to act like a human editor who picks the best stories to run in a newspaper or magazine on your behalf, including a cover story every day. Editions' picks will be based on your location, what stories you click on, and for how long, among other variables, so the magazine will still be tailored to your likes, just not in the same way as Flipboard. Features and articles owned by AOL from sites such as the Huffington Post, Patch, and TechCrunch, will be displayed in full, with just snippets of other material appearing, depending on what deals AOL has in place with the content providers. The app will be iPad-only and will definitely be out this summer according to AOL. No word on pricing as yet, although I guess it’s always possible it will be free like Flipboard.

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    Source: AOL Editions: It's Like Flipboard For Baby Boomers
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    I would be interested!!! I am always learning something new on my iPad 2 everyday!

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