Alternative (better) Photos/Camera apps?

Discussion in 'iPad Help' started by Commodore, Aug 17, 2012.

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    I'm probably (again :) ) pissing against the wind here, but are there any alternative (better) photos/camera apps available (preferably free)? Something that at least offers better management of stored/taken photos (such as the ability to send the photo(s) to other apps or LAN).

    Namely, what I thought would be a trivial action taking a few seconds, turned into at least 5 minutes of "research" (i.e. taking a photo/scan of an item, and getting that photo to the desktop/laptop PC, without the use of either a cable or iCloud):

    I was expecting Photos to have some sort of "send to" or "open in" pull-down (with which I could send one or more photos into a desired app, like Dropbox, FileBrowser etc.). Nothing of a kind. Tried Dropbox, it was yammering about needing Location Services in order to access photos. Same in Google Drive, not to mention SugarSync. SkyDrive, on the other hand, offered me to upload one or more photos without any questions asked (kudos, MS :thumbs: ).
    So, apparently, this "location services needed" is just an excuse -- or Microsoft has some higher powers in their app to bypass that wicked condition. (Although in one application the explanation was given that location services are only needed if I want to batch upload photos, but not for one or a few selected photos...)

    Still, my preferred way (something I still hope to achieve) would be: take a photo, send it to FileBrowser, and upload it to the computer. Without the need for the photo to travel around the Earth beforehand.

    (I don't use iCloud apart from its email, and I don't need/use location services, and don't plan to.)

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