Alleged Picture of New Spotify iPad App Emerges

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Apr 16, 2012.

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    The Verge reports today on a photo that has appeared mysteriously on Instagram that would seem to confirm the existence of an official Spotify iPad app. According to the report, the photo of what looks very much like a Spotify app was posted by a Swedish technology consultant on Instagram. According to the unnamed consultant (who clearly loves his or her classic metal, judging by that cracking playlist!), the picture is of a beta version of the official Spotify iPad app, the release of which, according to the posterof the photo, is “getting closer!†Although there is already an official Spotify iPhone app, the iPad version has taken its own sweet time appearing, despite the fact that, as The Verge points out, an iPad app is the number one idea listed on Spotify’s community site, Spotify Ideas, where it is currently listed as “Planned.†Spotify has yet to comment on the posting of the photo of the iPad app today.

    Source: Is this Spotify's official iPad app? | The Verge
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    YES. Yes yes yes yes yes yes. When an iPad app comes out Spotify Premium will be even more worth my money. Love it on my iPhone. Use the small iPhone version on my iPad but the Spotify iPad image looks sweet. Hope it's real.
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    at last. i really cant imagine what in the world has taken them so long, theyve lost a great amount of paying customers for not staying up to date with mobile software. android-version is buggy and old as the grandma's knickers, and the iphone app i have had to use in my ipad's isnt much better. i sure hope we are getting this proper app soon!

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