Spotify Teams Up With Pacemaker for New DJ App

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    The Verge reports today on a new DJ app that has just been launched by Pacemaker, in conjunction with Spotify. The new app has exclusive access to Spotify’s huge, 20-million-plus, streaming music library, and also lets the user play two Spotify tracks at once, for the first time ever.

    The free app is a little different to other DJ apps you can find in the App Store, such as Djay and Traktor, according to Pacemaker’s creator, Jonas Norberg, who says, “We want to do for music what Fifty Three did for drawing on the iPad.â€

    Essentially, Pacemaker is an app that even DJ novices can pick up and play, and The Verge’s hands-on report testifies to this. According to the review, the app is easy to play even if you don’t have any DJ-ing experience, and the massive Spotify playlist at your fingertips is another obvious plus point.

    “Democratizing DJing was something we’ve always been striving for,†Norberg told The Verge. “We have a free app that’s really easy to get into - and now the barrier is removed by having Spotify integration.â€

    Click here to download the free app:

    Source: Pacemaker and Spotify cue up the iPad's simplest DJ app | The Verge
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    Hi Maura--nice News post! Also nice to see you around here! :)

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