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Discussion in 'New Member Introductions - Site Assistance' started by Ellapam, Jun 4, 2016.

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    Hi to you all,
    Hopefully, this is going to be posted in the right area. If it is not, would a moderator/administrator please move it to the correct place and let me know how to find it.
    I am not very familiar with the way forums work, so it has taken me two visits since I first registered to reach this point.
    My wife (Ellapam) is the happy owner of an iPad Two as a present from me, but by her own admission, she is not particularly computer literate. From time to time difficulties with the iPad may arise which need sorting. Rather that spend time trying to a) understand how your forum operates and then b) trying to understand what the responses to her questions from the forum members mean, she has asked me to act on her behalf.
    So, if I am not contravening any of your terms and conditions by doing this for her, then great.
    The email address that I have provided for contact with Ellapam (actually me) is one of my back-up email addresses.
    As I have said, I have not had much experience with forums, however, I have been using Macs for about 15 years or more. My current Mac being an ancient macBook Pro laptop. Although I know how to use a number of programs on the computers, I do not know so much about rectifying them when problems arise.
    I like the iPad and would like to learn more about it, but first and foremost, my wife has first call on it. Her needs are principally emails, browsing/research and some simple gaming.
    I look forward to hearing from somebody.

    A SilverSurfer
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    Welcome to iPad Forums, Ellapam! We're here to help whenever you have a problem or ask a question. BTW, your post is in the correct area.

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