90 Percent of Intended iPad Buys Will Be Existing Apple Owners

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Aug 23, 2010.

By Maura on Aug 23, 2010 at 4:44 PM
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    A survey released today by Strategy Analytics’ Connected Home Devices service of 2,000 US consumers says that only 2 percent of US homes which do not currently own an Apple device intend to buy an iPad in the next 12 months, compared to 18 percent of Apple-owning households. The report finds that ownership of another Apple product, such as an iPod, Macbook or iPhone, is the strongest indicator of intention to buy an iPad. For example, the survey says that nearly a third of iPhone users in the US plan to get an iPad within the next year, with 90 percent of iPad sales being expected to come from Apple product owners within the next year.

    The survey also found that there is strong customer satisfaction for the iPad, with nearly half of the households that have already bought an iPad intending to buy another one within the next 12 months.

    Source: Strategy Analytics


Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Aug 23, 2010.

    1. arshield
      That counters the earlier surveys that I have seen that said 30-35% of ipad owners, the ipad was their first apple product. Maybe the longer the ipad is out the less non-apple owners are to purchase it?
    2. xin_li97
      I wouldn't buy another Apple product. Although it is funcy, good-looking, it takes me too long to know how to use it, and still continue working on it.

      A good thing is that I learn lot of vedio formats, how to convert it/how to load it to IPad/.
    3. USBill
      Given what it takes to be an "Apple Owner" that's not too surprising. I'm not a fan of Apple computers, but I had two Apple products before my iPad: a Nano and a touch.

      What it tells us is that Apple makes popular consumer electronics. Is there someone who didn't already know that?
    4. iPadster
      Well I guess I am in the minority. Before the iPad I did not own any Apple products. Now I own 2 iPads and 2 Iphone 4's.
    5. pallentx
      The iPad is still my only Apple product. Depending on what's out when I'm ready to replace it, it could be my last for a while. Its the best in its class on the market right now and I am very happy with it (only thing in its class really), but the things that have always turned me off about Apple products will likely be what pushes me to something else when there are real options available and I am ready to upgrade.
    6. wrecklass
      Hmm, the good news is there are millions of iPhone/iPod owners, so Apple can look forward to lots more sales.

      The bad news is it doesn't appear they are going to significantly extend their user base with the new device after all.

      To be honest, I would not have purchased the iPad had there been a viable Android tablet available. I really like the form factor, and I imagine I will keep purchasing tablets for the foreseeable future. But Apple puts on too many restrictions and at too high a price tag.
    7. wrecklass
      I think you got that backwards. Android is doing the threatening. Blackberry tanked with their latest "Torch" device. Only current BB owners will buy it and surveys show most Blackberry customers would switch if there companies would let them.

      And most of the people anxious to see iPhone on Verizon are current iPhone users on AT&T. Apple probably won't get that many more users with Verizon. They will mostly keep users fed up with AT&T.

      The real issue is where app developers go. The walled garden at Apple is beginning to irritate developers now that they have a healthy alternative.

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