3G iPad and ATT plans?

Discussion in 'iPad General Discussions' started by Sonicrobby, Nov 13, 2011.

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    Hello all! I know I'm planning too far into the future, but I just want to make a decision sooner. I currently have a wifi iPad original, and am definitely getting the iPad 3 upon its release in the spring. But I've been contemplating wether or not to get another wifi only or upgrade to the 3G model.

    I've heard the 3G model has built in gps. So will the gps be able to tell me where I am and where I need to go WITHOUT being connected to wifi OR 3G? This is sort of a big thing to me (so if you need a better explanation of what I'm asking, please ask)

    Because I have AT&T for my phone I'll probably go with them for the iPad. My questions with this are:
    -Do you need to have a plan as you walk out the door with the iPad? Or could I buy the iPad, and add a plan a month or two later?

    -What plans are offered for the AT&T 3G iPad? I'm assuming limited data... But does anyone know the data limit and prices? (I'm searching the AT&T site now)

    -Are the plans with AT&T contracts? Do I need to get a 2 year plan like my phone? Or could I pay one month, cancel the plan for 2 months, re-add it for another month, etc.

    -I do not have an iphone, so I've got a regular sim card. Assuming I am able to cancel the 3G as I wish without penalties, could I cut my sim card to a microsim (professionally of course) and place it in my iPad, and using that Cydia hack to text and call like my phone with my own number (I'm not sure what the cydia hack is called, but its 10$ in the cydia store and it basically enables the texting and calling with a phone sim card.) Also, there are adapters for the micro sim where I can put it back in my phone right?

    Thanks in advance for any helpful responses.
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    How do you expect ant telco to have plans available for a product that is still months away from release?

    When I was in the USA in August it took all of 5 minutes to sign up for AT&T 3G. I just went to an Apple store and they gave me a sim then I went to a wifi enable cafe, got on line set up my account on AT&T's web site and guess what? Magic happened and I had working AT&T 3G.
    There were and probably still are two iPad plans they are both monthly and you can cancel any time (I cancelled mine the day after I took it out so it stopped working after one month as I was only in the USA for two week). Plan one was for 250 MB of data ($15 per month) and plan 2 was for 2 GB of data $25 per month. I took the $25 option and chewed through about 500MB in two weeks by giving my iPad a real hard time.

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