1981 DeLorean Gets Modded With in-dash iPad Mini

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    A few days ago, Apple has finally unveiled CarPlay, the much rumored “iOS in the Car” which transforms your iPhone into the central piece of your in-car information and entertainment purposes. But there are ingenious folks that can think of their own solutions when it comes to integrating Apple’s products inside cars. YouTube user DMCPat has heavily modded his 1981 DeLorean, which is a car that has become famous after appearing in the Back to the Future film trilogy as a modified time machine.

    The iPad Mini has been mounted where the old radio and the center console vents used to be, and you’ll see for yourself in the video from above that it looks really cool, indeed. After turning the key in the ignition, the iPad Mini will automatically turn on and will start playing the last song you listened to. You will also be able to use it in order to adjust the volume settings throughout the car. DMCPat is really proud of what he has achieved:

    Of course, the iPad interface also includes Google Maps and voice-activated GPS. Besides the iPad Mini, the modded car also comes with a new a rear spoiler, a high-mounted third brake light, remote lock/unlock, new wheels and steering wheel, seal-beamed LED lights, LED fog lights, blue LED interior door lights, blue LED underbody lights and Bluetooth phone, amongst others. Rumor has it that there are still about 6,500 DeLorean Motor cars that are still functional, so we wonder how much this modded version could cost?

    Source: Gizmodo
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