California fabricator unveils a customized Toyota 4Runner controlled by iPads

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    During a Toyota-sponsored competition at the 2013 SEMA aftermarket parts trade show in Las Vegas, a fabricator from California has showcased a modified Toyota 4Runner model that can be controlled with five iPad units.

    Herbst Smith Fabrication has unveiled the customized Toyota Oakley 4Runner that comes with five iPads that control the doors, entertainment, navigation and other interior features. USA Today says the following about what the iPad can do:

    The iPad-controlled Toyota Oakley 4Runner also comes with a camouflage-patterned vehicle wrap and LED lights. Also, a metal roof rack electronically lowers and opens to store two sets of skis at the press of an iPad button. Even more, you’ll find inside of this car a coffeemaker, a dryer for each ski glove and boot and a mountable grill in the cargo area.

    Jon Tondro from the Herbst Smith Fabrication and the team leader of the iPAd project, called the above mentioned components "James Bond-likeâ€. What do you think about this customized, iPad-controlled SUV?

    Source: USA Today

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