Apple's new tablet will not be directed just to consumers or the educational crowd. Apple will target the business community and enterprise market as well. AppleInsider.com reports a few features features unannounced during the unveiling.

I believe this will be the first of many "hidden" features we have yet to uncover on the iPad.


Walt Mossberg was one of the lucky ones and got some face to face time with Steve Jobs for a quick interview.

  • When asked why people would buy an iPad iBooks book for $14.99 rather than an Amazon Kindle book for $9.99, Jobs said the books would be the same price, and further said publishers withhold books from Amazon because they’re not happy about the price. (Could be referring to Apple’s standard 70/30 split which Amazon just recently announced they’d match in some cases).
  • When asked about battery life, Jobs said the iPad’s quoted 10hrs for video/WiFi would actually be a bit longer for iBook reading, and around 140hrs for music playback.
  • When asked if 10hrs was enough for iBook reading, Jobs pulled out the “no big dealâ€, said users would just plug it in, and asked if anyone reads for more than 10hrs anyway.
  • When asked if Mossberg could write his iPad review on the iPad, Jobs told him he sure could, in iWork Pages, and export it as a Word Doc if he wanted to. (there’s been talk it can export as PDF for easy sharing as well).
You can check out the video interview at Video: Walt Mossberg and Steve Jobs Talk About the Apple iPad at Launch Event | Kara Swisher | BoomTown | AllThingsD

Since we found out the unique size of Apple's 3G iPad SIM card and now know that it requires a micro SIM card (12×15mm) instead of the standard sized SIM card (15×25mm), Mico SIM orders can tell us who the next carriers just might be!

Gemalto, a micro SIM manufacturer, today claims that O2 and Orange have been buying up the diminutive cards in their masses. However, the use of Micro SIMs means that, even if the iPad arrives unlocked in the UK, users will be forced to buy the cards from specific mobile operators to ensure 3G connectivity for their device. Unlocked it maybe, but the Micro SIM option means consumers aren’t going to be able to get their iPad online with any old SIM and cheap data deal, but will be forced to opt for whatever Micro SIM contracts operators offer.

T-Mobile is also said to have to placed an order in recent times, though the company will likely be unable to carry the iPad in the US.

First of all, we have to give major credit to 9to5mac.com for breaking the news and putting 2 and 2 together. Reading through the forum discussions over the last few days, the lack of Flash was definitely a disappointed to many. We'll this breaking news might just be enough to turn that frown upside down!

Check out below how the New York times appear on an iPhone without flash.


UPDATE: 9to5mac followed up and found out they were hi-res mockup/optimized pages used for the promotional material. Likely NO Flash.

{Source: http://www.9to5mac.com/apple-flash-ipad-3954934055}

Joe Hewitt, the brains behind the Facebook App which has become one of the most popular apps for the iPhone says the iPad is “Everything He’s Been Wishing For†according to TheiPhoneBlog.com

{Source: TheiPhoneBlog.com}

Watch Apple CEO Steve Jobs unveil the revolutionary new Apple iPad. See the video-on-demand event on Apple.com @ http://www.apple.com/quicktime/qtv/specialevent0110/ exclusively in QuickTime and MPEG-4.

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