In an interview with Gamezebo last week, Namco Networks’ General Manager of Apple Games, Jon Kromrey, was unequivocal in expressing Namco’s wholehearted support for the iPad as a games platform.
“The iPad will be the new media device that sets the standard for all publishers and developers around the world. The iPad can create an experience that varies from the iPhone through its visually stunning graphics – on a scale not yet seen on a handheld device – and the improved wireless connectivity.

Namco Networks is more excited than ever about creating AAA games that take full advantage of the gorgeous 9.7 display, improved wireless Wi-Fi/Bluetooth, the blazing 1GHz A4 chip, HD and double-pixel support at launch.â€
Wow! And as further proof of Namco’s support, Kromrey revealed that Namco is planning to release an iPad-compatible game in March. Could that game be Tekken? Pocket Gamer has already revealed that Namco is bringing Tekken to the iPhone very soon, and puts forward the very plausible theory that it will also be iPad- compatible.

By Maura Sutton,
{Source: Gamezebo, Pocket Gamer}

According to CNN and some of their market research team they believe that Apple sold about 120,000 iPads on day one. They list specific numbers but the Wifi model outsold the 3G model 2 to 1 due to the availability of it.

Another telling stat is that all the memory models (16,32,64) sold equally. You can view the full stats here: Day 1 estimate: 120,000 iPads sold - Apple 2.0 - Fortune Brainstorm Tech

SlashGear is reporting that the iPad Keyboard Dock won’t be shipping until mid-April, unlike most other official accessories which are due to be shipped at launch on April 3rd. You can still pre-order the dock from Apple though, you just won’t get it the same time as all your other stuff. Looking at the official specs, the dock looks like a good buy at $69.00. Aside from using it as a keyboard, the dock can also be used for syncing and charging, as well as being compatible with other iPad accessories such as the iPad Camera Connection Kit. It also of course acts simply as a stand for the iPad, holding it at the optimum angle to watch videos. The keyboard itself is made of anodized aluminum, and includes special custom keys for one-touch access to various iPad features such as the Home Screen, Spotlight search, and picture frame mode.

By Maura Sutton,

9 to 5 Mac
reports that Apple appears to have made a minor last-minute hardware change to the iPad, replacing what was previous described as a mute switch just above the volume rocker on the side of the device with a "screen rotation lock".

Want to pre-order the Apple iPad, but don't have a place in the US to ship it or would rather hang out with all the other iPad Fans for launch day? Well, Apple has just opened up another pre-order page that allows you to reserve the iPad for Pick Up.

For more information visit: Apple - Reserve and Pick Up

Apple is on schedule, and as promised the Apple iPad pre-ordering began this morning! Wi-Fi models are shown to have an April 3rd Delivery. To place your order visit: Apple - iPad - Get your hands on iPad. On day one.

Once you place your order, be sure to make the announcement in our Official iPad Pre-Order thread: http://www.ipadforums.net/ipad-general-discussions/531-official-ipad-pre-order-list.html

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