We’ve already seen how quickly many of the heavy-weight newspaper, book and magazine publishers are taking to the iPad and releasing their apps, but the newly announced Shelf magazine is something a little different, being a digital-only monthly magazine featuring the best of small press, university press, and self-published...

Legendary Hip-Hop music, culture, politics and sport magazine, The Source, has relaunched its website ( with new digital properties and a fully fledged makeover. As a result, the new site has been specially chosen by Apple as one of its...

Apple has changed the face of the tech world many times over. Their history is rich and full of 'game changers' that broke the mold that came before them. From the Apple Computer to the iPod, the iPhone and the iPad. Apple really does 'think different' and it has made their brand one of the most recognizable and coveted in the world.

When Apple was first creating the iPhone they knew it would be a game changer....

Are you not quite happy with the speed you are getting out of your 3G iPad? Or.... do you have the older non 3G iPad and wish you had some type of cell service for your iPad so you can bring it everywhere and still be connected?

Well an enterprising iPad user felt that way and decided to pull out the stock AT&T 3G components and replace them with Verizon MiFi components and increased his speed by almost 6x!


Saverio Romeo, Senior Industry Analyst for Growth Partnership company Frost & Sullivan ICT, has written a interesting report on the role of the iPad in the rise of the tablet. According to Romeo, tablets, which he says fall between the mobile experience of smartphones and the computing...

The Sponsor Me Hawaii Ala Moana Bowls surfing contest yesterday achieved the accolade of being the world’s first live-action sports IP backhaul HD broadcast, streaming simultaneously on both the iPad and the iPhone, as well as on the Internet and cable.

During the live broadcast and...

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