[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hupkTDWvLAU]YouTube - Shrek Forever After- Kids' Book HD App for iPad/iPhone[/ame]

Check out this You Tube video of the new Shrek Forever After iPad kids book, currently available at a bargain introductory price of $1.99. As Mashable reports, the app, which is also available for iPhone and iPod touch, is produced by iStoryTime and DreamWorks and based on the last film in the Shrek series, Shrek Forever After, which is out today. The storyline revolves...
[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YfFKT-VtK4s"]YouTube - 30 Second iPad Stand[/ame]

If you've spent all your hard earned money on the iPad and have nothing left for accessories, don't sweat it! Here's a video to show you how to make a custom iPad stand out of a metal hanger. So invade your closet, find a metal hanger, a couple bends and twists and Voila! For those members that give this a shot, let us know how it turns out!

The wait is almost over! AppleInsider reports today that Apple has unlocked its European and Australian iPad App Stores and iBook Stores and has also started shipping some pre-orders one week ahead of the release date, exactly as it did prior to the US launch. It doesn’t mean that the iPads will arrive before the 28th, as most customers in America found that their shipped iPads were held up in the system prior to...

If you’re a baseball fan planning on going to Yankee Stadium anytime soon, and you also happened to be joined at the hip to your iPad, be warned that you and your beloved Apple device will not be allowed inside the stadium together. A report on CenterNetworks today outlines how the iPad joins laptops and video equipment as devices banned from the New York stadium.

The story is based on the account of a woman...

iPad owners who are also NEC LaVie or Fujitsu LOOX netbook users might be interested in PLX Technology’s USB Duet system, which is a combination of PLX-engineered hardware and application software designed directly into OEM’s new netbook and notebook computers. USB Duet enables Windows-based computers to share content and functionality with the iPad, or other PCs, simply by attaching a standard USB cable, without...

A survey from ChangeWave Research reported on Investor Place has found that consumer demand for the iPad is even greater than the huge pre-launch demand. When ChangeWave surveyed 3,174 customers and asked them how likely they were to buy an iPad, 7% of respondents said “Very Likelyâ€, and 13% said “Somewhat Likelyâ€, which ChangeWave says is “the highest level of consumer interest we’ve seen to dateâ€....

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