Nexon, Respawn Entertainment, and Particle City have today released Titanfall: Assault on iOS, a new mobile RTS game set in the extended universe of the best-selling Titanfall franchise.

Gameplay sees players building and using a deck of virtual cards to deploy Pilots, Titans, and tactical Burn Cards in synchronous multiplayer battles.
In the free-to-play game the player takes on the roll of Commander, creating the ultimate squad of Pilots, Titans, and Burn Cards to fit their own playing style. In order to win the battle on the Frontier, you must adapt your strategy to suit the variety of maps, which include familiar locations and unique environmental elements.

The Hardpoint Domination mode sees competitors battling to control the map or to defeat the enemy base. Players can also visit the Hangar to view their cards, edit their squad, and upgrade their Titans, Pilots, and Burn Cards. By visiting the Guild, players can work together to achieve weekly Guild objectives, share replays, and challenge their Guild friends to friendly matches in order to perfect their squads.

Niantic is currently hosting a Pikachu Outbreak event that runs through until Tuesday, August 15, in Japan. For the duration of the event, Pokémon Go Trainers in Japan will be able to visit Pokémon Go Park events in Minato Mirai, Yokohama, Japan.

The special events feature two Kanto- and Johto-themed parks. Visitors to Red Brick Park will see more frequent encounters with Pokémon found in the Kanto region in Pokémon Red and Pokémon Blue; visitors to Cup Noodle Museum Park will see more Pokémon of the type found in the Johto region in Pokémon Silver and Pokémon Gold.

During the event, Trainers will also get the chance to capture some of the region-exclusive Pokémon not normally available in Japan, such as Mr. Mime. Spinning the Photo Disc at PokéStops also gives Trainers the chance to collect special 2 km Eggs that might hatch more varied Pokémon than usual.

And that’s not all the goodies on offer at the event, as The Silph Road, via Eurogamer, reports that a Shiny Pikachu has also been spotted in the region, only the second Shiny creature to appear in Pokémon Go, following on from Shiny Magikarp. He’s actually got a very subtle golden shading, barely discernible from the regular Pikachu. No word as yet about when Shiny Pikachu might be appearing in the rest of the world.

Sources: Niantic, Ultra-rare shiny Pikachu released in Pokémon Go

9to5 Mac reports that the Unicode Consortium has published 67 new emoji that it is currently considering for inclusion in Unicode 11, which will be released next year. The new emoji are currently still at draft stage, so they could still be altered or cut prior to the public release.

Apple has yet to implement Unicode 10, which will happen with the release of iOS 11, so is quite some way behind the cavalcade of current emojis, with the Unicode Consortium now focusing its efforts on Unicode 11.

Among the many new emoji that are under consideration for Unicode 11 are a fire extinguisher, kangaroo, hippopotamus, firecracker, skateboard, brick wall, sliced bagel, toilet roll, and the notorious poo emoji with different facial expressions, such as the delightfully descriptive “Frowning Pile of Poo.”

Last month Apple heralded “World Emoji Day,” announcing some of the new emoji from Unicode 10 that would be arriving with iOS 11 later in the year, and proclaiming, “the new emoji make it easier for users to express themselves with greater diversity.”

Source: Here are 67 new emoji that could come to iOS next year [Gallery]

Apple is currently trying out “several different kinds” of wearable augmented reality (AR) prototypes trying to work out the “most compelling application” for an AR headset, reports the Financial Times, via MacRumors.

The Financial Times says that according to its sources, at least one of the groups within Apple wants the company to develop a pair of glasses with a 3D camera but no screen, whereby the iPhone would be the main display for the device, as with Snap’s Spectacles, but the future direction for the project has not yet been decided upon.

Talk of Apple working on AR smart glasses first emerged back in 2016, with previous stories on the subject predicting that the glasses will be connected wirelessly to the iPhone, and will show the wearer “images and other information.”

Robert Scoble also said earlier in the year that Apple was partnering with Carl Zeiss to release the smart glasses as soon as this year, but judging by the Financial Times story this is not looking very likely now as the glasses are still in the prototype stage.

Source: Apple Experimenting With Several Augmented Reality Glasses Prototypes

GameSpot reports that Niantic has revealed that some of the rare, region-exclusive Pokémon such as Kangaskhan, and Unown will be available for Trainers to catch in cities across Europe from this weekend until August 21. You can see the full list of cities where the rare Pokémon will be appearing here.

This follows on from Niantic’s recent postponement of its European Safari Zone live events due to the technical issues that played havoc with Pokémon Go Fest in Chicago recently, when the high numbers of users all attempting to play the game at once in Grant Park crashed all available cellular networks, meaning that no one could play the game.

The European Safari Zone events were originally due to kick off today in Copenhagen, Denmark, and Prague, Czech Republic, and although those events have now been postponed until fall, giving Niantic time to sort out the technical issues, it’s good to see that the rare Pokémon will still be arriving as planned.

Also, Trainers who like to Raid will have the chance to catch Legendary Pokémon Moltres, who is appearing in Raid Battles until August 7, with the next Legendary, Zapdos, due to appear from August 7 to August 14. Ho-Oh is also said to be arriving very soon, although there is no official date from Niantic for that at the moment.


MacRumors reports today that Daring Fireball’s Jon Gruber has revealed that the third-generation Apple Watch will have an “all-new form factor.” Gruber made the comment in a post discussing Bloomberg’s report that Apple Watch Series 3 will have an LTE chip, saying of that news, “It’s hard to overstate just how big a deal this could be.”

This ties in with what Ming-Chi Kuo said prior to the launch of Apple Watch Series 2, when he predicted that Series 3 would feature a redesign for the Apple Watch.

The earlier Bloomberg report that Gruber referenced said that Apple was planning to introduce cellular connectivity to Apple Watch Series 3 in order to reduce how much the Apple Watch has to rely on its connection to an iPhone. The Bloomberg source says that with the new watch, you’ll be able to perform many tasks, such as downloading music and using apps, without having to have your smartphone with you.

Intel is said to be making the LTE modems for the Apple Watch Series 3, after trying for several years to get Apple to use more of its chips in its devices. Doubtless Intel is benefitting from Apple’s current dispute with Qualcomm, which currently supplies modems for most Apple devices. Intel also started supplying modems for some iPhone models in 2016.

Sources: Daring Fireball: Apple Watch Series 3 to Feature 'All-New Form Factor' [Updated]

Apple Plans to Release a Cellular-Capable Watch to Break iPhone Ties

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