Recent news out of Fox indicates that Apple is in last minute discussions with AT&T and Verizon to provide wireless service for the future Apple Tablet. This could mean there will be two different hardware models, one for each network. Verizon's version of the Apple Tablet would run require CDMA support while AT&T would need to support GSM (Like the current iPhone)

We fully expect the tablet to have built in wireless B, G, and N support but would type of device would it be without cellular Internet connectivity?

This might start a fierce price war between the two wireless giants that will get monthly data plans down to a more affordable price for the end user.


Here are some of the latest specs we believe the iSlate will have.

  • The core of the application processor is said to be ARM Cortex (8), which Apple licensed from Samsung.
  • Apple is enhancing the core processor with the help of design team from PA Semi, a company Apple bought for roughly $278 million in 2008. Apple has focused on enhancing video and graphic capabilities of the device with its internal semiconductor efforts.
  • Samsung will be the foundry for the application processor and it will also be one of the suppliers of Flash memory to Apple.
  • Qualcomm is said to be supplying the wireless wide area network (WWAN) chip for connectivity to the wireless networks.

An article out from declares that Verizon Wireless will be offering the new Apple Tablet. A Report claims that Qualcomm has been selected as one of the chip manufacturers.

Analyst estimate that Verizon could subsidize $200 of the Tablet’s price by requiring a two-year data service plan. With out the subsidy, the same Analyst expect a price tag of $799.


More details leak from Apple Insider about the new Tablet.


The latest rumor out of the Wall Street Journal indicates Electronic Arts is working with Apple on software to demonstrate the game-playing capabilities of the tablet. What better way to unveil a product, then with some kick a^% games!


New leaked photos have been posted over @ the Mac Observer. Similar to photos seen before but this time the bezel is placed over a macbook keyboard to give the photo / device some sort of scale. Rough estimates of the screen size would make this device around 10 inches. BS and Real? Let us know what you think..


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