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WSJ for iPad Subscription Cost Revealed


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Jan 17, 2010
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Engadget reports this morning that the WSJ has finally revealed the official price for the WSJ iPad app subscription. The cost will be $3.99 per week, $17.29 monthly, which is very close to what Engadget originally said the cost would be. So what do you actually get for all that money? Well according to the WSJ’s subscription page, you get subscriber-only content such as Business, Markets, and Opinion, a seven-day archive download for reading offline, saved sections and articles for reading later, and “My Journalâ€, for saving and sharing articles across WSJ.com and mobile. If you’re already a WSJ subscriber, you won’t have to pay the additional fee, and will have full access to the iPad app, but only for “a limited timeâ€, the WSJ states ominously, without mentioning how long that “limited time†will be. Three minutes, three months, three years? Who knows? Well the WSJ does, but so far it’s not telling. So what do you think? Too pricey? Will you be subscribing or just going for the free app?

By Maura Sutton - www.iPadForums.net
[Source: www.engadget.com]

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