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Why do I want an iPad? New to the forums...

mdholm said:
I wish it were like that here. I can get it with a different plan, but can't bring myself to give up my current plan. Sometimes I think I should check my actual data useage and see if I could get by with one of the tethering plans.

I have a 6 gig data plan (for the price of 1 gig ), and the maximum I reached in a month was 5,6 gigs. And that was by never using wifi and using it as a modem on my laptop. Of course, if you watch a lot of Netflix or other video streaming service, it's easy to bust. But other than streaming movies, it's really hard to go over 2-3 gigs in a month.

My sister had an unlimited data plan also with her old cell phone. She wanted the iPhone 4, but she had to abandon her unlimited data plan to do so. After checking her data usage, she realized that she was using merely 0.5 gig/month... So she moved to the iPhone 4 with a 1gig data plan which is more than enough since her big data usage is done over wifi at home.

Unlimited can be useful if your 3G is your only internet access. Otherwise, it's not that useful. It all depends on what you do with your iPhone.

But as stated earlier, in a normal usage for me, meaning lots of Skype video conference, GotoMeeting, some video streaming, i hardly go over 2-3 gigs a month.

VicoPad addict!
Wow, I just checked my data usage and found that my highest month of data was 418mb, in November. That's the month I went to Vegas for 3 days and ended up having to do some work on my phone. So, its kind of looking like I've been hanging on to this unlimited data plan for no good reason. I could pass on the 3g and get more storage.

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