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I want to be creative, that is why I have got an iPad.


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Apr 4, 2012
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Many people are thinking, that the iPad is about gaming, internet or being entertained. That is not why I have got an iPad. I have it because of my creativity.
I simply think the iPad is a fantastic gift for all creative people wanting to participate in the society with their own creations, whatever it is about writing, painting, making music, making films and making animations.

And what kind of people are the most creative? The kids of course!... and everybody else, who has direct access to the kid inside.

The ipad is in the creative area also all about the classroom. Apart from the fact, that the ipad is wonderful for search of information, you can use it in many different creative ways, letting the pupils write and publish their own books, letting them draw an paint, and publish their paintings, letting them make music and publish it, letting them make videos and animations about every topics wanted.

The ipad is going to reform the school, it is so much about democracy in getting and sharing informations, creating new information and new art. The modern children and young ones is so different from what we know about children and kids from many earlier generations. They want to be creative they want to express themselves, and for that purpose, the iPad is totally right. The School system has to adapt to this.

Some fine apps among others for creative purposes: Garageband, PhotoStudio, Sketch Club, Pages, Keynote, Story Patch, Book Creator, Albums fx, iMovie, Strip Design, AimationDesk, iAnimate Collage and Smoovie. I consider the named apps to be best of many apps I know about for simple but powerful music making, photo editing, drawing and painting, writing and illustrating books, film making and animating. If you then add some utility apps like, PhotoSync, Image Pro, Precise Eraser with Alpha, Recorder Pro, Calculator XL, iTranslate, you can go very far.

Sorry for my faulty english, bot I am a dane.


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Apr 24, 2011
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Brisbane, Australia
Hi and welcome to the Forum!

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