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What web browsers work on my old iPad, please?


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Sep 29, 2021
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I have an old iPad, the details are:

A1432 iPad Mini (late 2012)
Version 9.3.5 (13G36)

which I only use for web browsing. I use the built in web browser, Safari, which is mostly good enough, but there are web pages that it cannot display, such as

Home | RetroTINK LLC



(on the latter website, the graphics at the top of the screen show, but none of the posts do). I've tried downloading other browsers, but either they also cannot
show the web pages, or I can't download a specific browser (such as Firefox, or Opera) because (so it says) it's incompatible with my iPad.

What good browsers, that are compatible with my iPad, can I download and use to properly view these web pages, please?

Thanks for any answers.
Puffin Browser may work for you. It says it’s compatible with iOS version 8.0 and later, which should still include your iPad Mini.

Keep in mind that the app itself is not a browser. Instead it is a client that lets you use a browser running on a server. They are a reputable company that has bee on iOS from almost the beginning, so I consider them to be trustworthy for most things; but keep in mind that they are one more weak link in security. Using them for sensitive information of money transactions is probably not a good idea.

There is a disclaimer at the top of their App Store page you should read.

That said, because the actual browser is on a server, most website, even those few that still use Flash work. The contorls, however, may be a bit differnt than what you are used to.

And, you’ll need to pay a subscription fee for full functionality.

Also: I went searching through my memories for all the old browsers I’ve ever tried, and Dolphin Browser for iPad still supports iOS 9.0. That should work on your iPad. I no longer have it, so I have no idea if it will work with the web pages you mentioned. I didn’t care much for the browser, but other did. So, purely a matter of preference at the time.

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