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What are you guys doing right NOW??? ;)

On a bus ride to Saskatoon.
Missed being here… I’ve purchased a brand new apple iPad Pro 11 a few days ago….. the old one is still alive… but will not connect after the latest round of severe weather (lightening) we had in the southern states (Alabama Tennessee Arkansas Mississippi etc etc) … and for great service I’ll be keeping her .. this new one is… well …. Not what expected… so many new things… I DO believe i will have years of enjoyment ..that good news being said… i now ask what could the connection issue be ? This AT&T (pic) box is what the old girl was routing through… and had been working great very stable … full signal, i was also using the At&T wi-if for calls / text (no internet) on my tcl flip phone… i had noticed the battery in the wi-if was getting a tad swollen… (delt with these type batteries many times..but not this model (bat-40-01-01 (and only one in the whole state) …. it still holds a good charge, and i do know there was no close strike by lightening (I’m also a past storm chaser) and no other electrical equipment show any signs of a surge or strike… the AT&T wi-if froze and could not be powered off or reset using the buttons … i had to remove the battery… so that was the end… i got a new battery (going back) no change… so i went to at&n blah blah no help, (or not what i needed).. so off to verizon (they have never failed to help)…. I was advised it very well could be the iPad‘s age… so said and done i got this Inseego unit (highly recommended ) (pic) to try and get it back online … the iPad reads it fine… both guest and primary .. but … no connection to the old iPad, but the phone and brand new iPad connect perfectly but the iPad works faster without going through the wi-fi (50 mbps) its much higher without …… and before anyone ask … no dsl and no broad band … and I’ve never heard anything good about hughes net.. or ..speed isn’t an issue… i would just like to get that old iPad back online.. for a short time..

also wandering if anyone else has writen a post this long in this thread…

good to be back.


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