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We Rule friends searching

In love with this game! :)

Lots of great stores available and always try to order from people that order from me!

Add me: Ann22315 Level 36

level 40
always open
lots of variaty and pleasant visual experience
Please add gregsmt. I have open red dragon lairs and vintage chateaus.
Coldsept would like to be your friend

Please add coldsept to your friends.. I'm on level 16 and would like a visitor. Thank you!

Now I am on level 23 and have every building offered. If you order from me, I'll deliver then order from you.. Love this game..
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Add me

Add KarenHart please. I play daily and always deliver orders and place orders.
Great level 40's to friend

Please add misterfirecloak and princefirecloak

Both have lots of buildings. Great for XP,$$$, and questing.
please add me "momolatte" im an active player and i play we city and farm too =) i order and deliver everyday. c u soon =P
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username: dmitrim

Many many Wine Chateaus and Red Dragon Lairs
Friends needed

My level 39 kingdom was obsessively built using only free mojo - no real coin used. I've many chateau, Olympus, and other stuff - come visit.
2 for 1. Please add us

User name: Tettnanger

My wife and I play several times a day on the same account. We play We Rule Quests, We Farm Safari, and We City. We are very active players and we place orders daily.

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