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Wallpaper Problem - Won't Change


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Jun 12, 2010
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My teenage son was playing with my new iPad the other day. He changed my lock screen and home screen to monster trucks. They displayed well for about a day and then all of a sudden the wallpaper grew 4x (I can only see the upper left quadrant of the image). After a bunch of fiddling with wallpaper settings I finally got the lock screen changed to a normal image and haven't messed with that since.

My problem now is the home screen image is still 4x and I can't change it to anything. In settings/wallpaper, when I change the image, it fills the miniature home screen with the image I selected, but when I exit out, the same old 4x image is still there. I have also tried re-springing and re-booting the iPad several times. No luck. Any suggestions (other than complete wipeout and start over). I've just finished getting all my apps sorted and downloaded just the way I like it. It's just this wallpaper thing.
Just to make sure you are doing the right thing...

Go into photos...choose the photo you want to make the wallpaper and click it...it should fill up the screen. In the upper right corner should be a little box with an arrow right under the battery indicator. Click it. Hit use as wallpaper. And then hit both lock screen and home screen.
Tried that too. No luck. Anything else?
I'm thinking I may have to delete the photo manually using sh, but I don't know where the iPad stores it.
Are you near an apple store? Either this is a really simple problem you are overlooking or your iPad could be messed up. Have you tried a hard reboot yet?
I'd like to avoid a hard reset because I just got it set up how I want it and don't want to take hours & hours redoing it all.

Now, I did try the last suggestion about an hour ago. I went into photos and set a photo as wallpaper for both the lock screen and home screen. Both screens took the photo, but while the lock screen looked fine, the home screen enlarged the photo 4x and only the upper left quadrant shows.

I was able to change the lock screen back to the other photo, but can't change the home screen photo by itself and a can't get any photo to show full size on the home screen.

Any more suggestions?
A hard reset doesn't kill any information it just reboots the device.
If your talking about holding the power and home buttons together for 10 seconds, yes, I have done that at least ten times.
I'm not sure what else to tell you if you don't want to try a reset....
By reset, do you mean a clean wipe?

Please explain the procedure you want me to perform.
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Yeah you already did a reset so I meant a clean wipe. You don't want to do that...so not sure what else to do other than take it in to an Apple Store.
It doesn't bug me enough to do a wipe. I just thought someone might know how to fix it more simply.
Figured it out if you havent already

Is your iPad jailbroken? If it is then look under winterboard and uncheck "User Wallpaper". I had the same problem and figured it out. Hope this helps.
Easy way is to hand it back to your son and tell him if it's not fixed in an hour he's gated for a fortnight. And treat yourself to drink while he slaves over the problem for you.

Delegation is the essence of authority.
Is your iPad jailbroken? If it is then look under winterboard and uncheck "User Wallpaper". I had the same problem and figured it out. Hope this helps.

Thank you so much QuiksilvrX07, it worked beautifully!
Winterboard interference?

Any more suggestions?[/QUOTE]

i had the same problem. If you have winterboard installed, try to uncheck all winterboards's options in settings, and put every toggle on "OFF".

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