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Video Recorder


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Dec 6, 2011
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Washington State
I have not found this answer anywhere, so hopefully, someone here can help me.

I am new to the iPad2. Last night I decided to turn the video recorder on and video my little dog when I left the house, just to see what she is doing when I am gone.

It worked fine, but only taped for 58 minutes. I thought this unit had a long ten hour battery life.

I don't have many photos on my iPad, but do have a lot of music. Is this why I cannot video for longer than 58 mins.? If I delete some music files, will the video camera function longer?

Many thanks.



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Oct 25, 2011
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Hinterlands of Northern California
Hi Kadee,
After searching the web I have found that there may be a 4 GB limitation that the iPad can record movies to. This may or not be true. That would reduce the recording time.
I can think of two ways to get the footage you would like. 1. Get an app that allows you to decrease the video resolution. Or, 2. Get an app that records when there is motion detected in the camera view.
If you decease the resolution you will get a lousier movie.
For the second option you will not be recording when the dog is off screen or lying very still.
Good luck.

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