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VGA Adapter and Netflix


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Nov 25, 2010
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Los Angeles
I've heard that with the new update by Netflix one can watch movies on the
iPad via Apple's VGA adapter. However, on my LG TV the VGA port is female,
as is the Apple, so how do they mate up? There are many uTube videos
demonstrating the hookup but none of them address this issue. In fact, most
of the u/t's seem to be as ignorant on the subject as I am, appearing to film
their escapades before they even try out the procedure. Any help?
Sounds about right, thank you. Will this cable handle the audio portion also?
No, VGA doesn't handle audio, use a 3.5mm male to RCA adapter, from your iPad to your TV audio inputs.
I just hooked my iPad to my HDTV . You need the Apple VGA cable which is only 10" long. You also need a Longer VGA cable to extend the Apple cable. Warning do not buy a VGA extension cable it has the wrong connectors, you want a standard cable with 2 male ends. Sound comes from the iPad headphone jack, buy the correct cable based on you system. Remember to change your TV input to RGB. When you start a Netflix movie your TV will need a couple of seconds to see the RGB signal. Very few apps are programed to use the video out display. BTW, VGA will not display in HD. You need the component cables from Apple to do HD.
Is the Apple VGA cable the one in the Apple catalogue "component AV cable"? Apple
claims that this is THE hookup, but after the "camera connection kit" debacle (concerning
video transfer) I'd much rather hear it from an iPad owner/user. I've also looked at the
Apple "composite VA cable", which appears to be similar but with a lower quality (standard definition vs HD) picture. Am I in the ball park here? Hate to pay Apple's
cable prices if it's not what I need for Netflix. Thanks for the info preceding!
This is what you're looking for I believe:


Apple 30 pin to component and audio out - $39.00 at the Apple store

Or order it direct:

Apple Component AV Cable - Apple Store (U.S.)
No.... VGA does not carry audio.

But you can get a specialty VGA with Stereo Audio cable made for connecting a PC to a TV: PCTVCables.com
No.... VGA does not carry audio.

But you can get a specialty VGA with Stereo Audio cable made for connecting a PC to a TV: PCTVCables.com
Again, VGA does not carry audio. Period.

Those cables merely include another separate cable for audio--no different than if you used a separate audio cable yourself except both cables are wrapped in one rubber shield.

It doesn't mean that you are carrying audio over VGA. It's still separate, unlike HDMI.

Wakawaka said:
Why not just get apple tv? Or Sony network media center? Both $99

I wondered the same. I had planned to get the cable also but friends got an Apple TV as a gift and that convinced me the Apple TV was the better way to go. Very easy to set up and I now use the Ipad as the remote with a free app. You do need to buy an HDMI cable but bought the cheapest for $30 which works fine. The Apple TV gives you more options than just Netflix too. I'll admit I hadn't considerd the Apple TV because I don't think I knew Just exactly what it did LOL
Yeah, after all the cabling and then still ending up with an inferior streaming experience on an HDTV, AppleTV seems the best way to go.
I have an Apple TV 2 and feel the same way. For one thing all of the content in my iTunes libraries is accessible on it. My iPad only has a very small subset of that content. And if by chance there is something on my iPad that is not in iTunes I can use Airplay to get it on ATV anyway.

I would say the VGA cable might be nice for traveling, but I think I can manage to view on iPad itself in those situations. :)


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