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Using Mail on a shared iPad


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Jul 12, 2011
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Found a solution

I found an app the other day that fixes this issue! It is called Print n share pro and it has its own email and web browser (and of course lets you print too). Anyway it has an option to add different users that then use their own space, works great! Just search the app store for print n share pro


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Oct 12, 2011
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Upstate, NY
I don't think that there is an elegant way to do this. Don't forget, it's called an"I"pad, not a "we"pad. It is designed for a single owner. Just like th eIPhone, IPod etc.

Thats funny - a "We Pad"! Seriously though - many of us live in a household where the iPad might have to be shared at times. Although, I wouldnt use it for multiple e-mails or whatever. Sharing it, IMO, should be limited to just a few games or browsing, stuff like that. Lots of us still have that "laptop/PC" mentality where we are accustomed to multiple users and accounts.

This is why for X-mas this year, we might chip in with other relatives to get my 13 year old daughter her own iPad. :)

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