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Using an ipad gen9 for a keynote presentation? - old fart, needs advice before buying!

Glad to help.

While it's not quite the same as using your iMac, you can use external drives, memory sticks, and SD cards.

The drives and memory sticks are best if they have a USB-C jack, but you can use USB-A devises with a dongle. I like to buy slightly more expensive memory sticks with both a USB-A and USB-C jack. Makes moving stuff between older and newer devices easier.

There are memory sticks with both Lightning and USB-A jacks. I don't recommend these. The last time I checked you need a special app to access them on Lightning port devices. This may have changed. With most of my devices using USB-C, I have not looked into it for a few years.

SD cards require a reader. I have one with Lightning, USB-C, and UAB-A ports. This works pretty well for transferring files between almost any device or computer. I'm sure you can figure out the advantages and disadvantages between using a read & SD card vs memory sticks.

I have not used external drives. Everything I've read suggests they work fine with newer iPads, but you should double check. Some won't work when plugged directly into an iPad, as they need more power. From what I've seen, almost all the portable SSD hard drives should work. I've been considering getting one myself. I don't really need it now, but if I keep dabbling in video creation that could change.

You mostly access external deives through the Files app. Think of it as a much more limited Finder. Some apps, including almost all of Apples own apps, will access the same Files app interface, and will be able directly save and load files to the device. Keep in mind the Files app is relatively new on iOS/iPadOS. Files used to be manages only by the apps that used them. Some of those limitations are still present, mostly due to older apps and limitations of the more secure nature of the file system.

Personally, I don't have a problem using cloud services to move files. At least not smaller to moderate sized ones. Unless I'm in a big hurry, or have no/slow internet connection, of course. I mostly use iCloud drive. I've got 2 TB of space, and trust Apple to keep my admittedly boring data reasonably secure.

I'm pickier about what I leave on Google Drive, and slightly cautions about One Drive. The first because I'm irritated by how much Google tracks across it's services. The second because One Drive is less convenient to use on iOS Devices. Mostly I just keep stuff that I need to share with my Windows computers and other Windows/Google users in those places.

P.S. I am almost never without internet. I pay the extra for cellular on all my devices. While I can't say I'm crazy about the cost, I absolutely hate having to search for hotspots or fiddle with extra steps every time I want to do something, and I carry/use my devices all over the place.
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Thank you so much for that reply, it must have taken ages to type out!

That is all information gold and reassures me immensely that I can back-up from the ipad.

If I do get the ipad10 (which looks the lost likely) then that's a good tip about dongles with USB-C jacks.

There's nothing secret or exciting about my presentations (mainly about the theory and practice of lighting) but, like you I don't trust Google Drive and One Drive and feel that a healthy paranoia about my data is perfectly normal. Even if it just stops me getting targeted spam.

Thanks again.
I little paranoia is a good thing, and I'm all about avoiding as much spam as I can.

Keep in mind you can't do a true backup to an external device. All you can do is copy files manually. True backups can only be through your computer or iCloud. You can not restore individual files from a backup. It's all or nothing, so keeping your files somewhere other than just on your iPad is a good idea.

If you keep your presentations in iCloud, you can access them from any browser at icloud.com, and you'll be able to restore accidentally deleted files for a period of time. 30 days I think, but I'm not sure.
iPad 9th generation is awesome sauce. Ive been hearing a lot of different thing and opinions on the 10th generation. there will probably be a 11th gen or a 12 gen in a few months time.

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