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Use the Smart Cover with a Gel Case


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Apr 27, 2011
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Hi everyone;

As I'm sure some of you by now are cursing the fact that you bought a real nice Gel protective cover for your iPad 2 only to discover it doesn't work well with the Apples Smart Cover. Well, here's a nifty "fix" for that, and I hope it will save you from throwing out either the Smart Cover or the Gel protective case.

First, install the Gel cover and peel back the top edge, just enought to allow the Smart Cover to "install". Then, with a fine marker (Sharpie works great here), mark where the edges of the Smart Cover hinges come to.

Next, cut down the top of the Gel cover at that mark on both ends and then cut along the outside, or bottom "line" on the Gel cover all the way to the other end.

Here's a photo that should help with the directions. Once you've done this the Smart Cover works beautifully with the Gel cover.

I hope this is of some help to some, and to whomever is responsible for this forum, thank you for a great place to learn all about the iPad 2. I really appreciate it.


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