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Upload and print app?


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Jan 5, 2012
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Hi guys, is there some sort of app available to upload photos from the iPad and send to an external company to get them printed out??


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Aug 30, 2010
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Western NY state (USA)
I don't know where you live but the first thing that popped up when I did a Google search on this was a Walgreen's app that you can supposedly download to send photos off to print.

I ran across this as I was searching to see if the app I use to upload photos, Photobucket, would allow you to send them off for printing. Which, it didn't say so ... at least not from the app.

So, that got me to thinking and I realized that WalMart has a free app that'll let you send photos to them for printing. Seems to be a pretty straight forward process.

So, yeah, there are apps to do this. You'll just have to find the store that (1) allows you to send the photos or (2) has an app to get it done. Oh, and you'll have to have a place in mind to actually send the photos to, should you decide not to use Walgreens or Walmart...

Good luck in your hunt.


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