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Upgraded from iPad 1-2. Restored iPad from backup. Now [Piracy Tweak] has no captcha?

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Oct 12, 2012
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United States
Finally upgraded from the original iPad to the 2. Upon first start-up I choose to restore iPad from back-up so all my data from my previous iPad was there on my new one, well I go into cydia and have to re-install a piracy enabling tweak, but now there isn't any captcha the screen is blank?

Hope I'm being clear and someone out there is following? Anybody know a fix?

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You are being very clear and we sure do have a fix.

You [clearly] are a pirate - one who uses the jail break to steal apps for which honest people pay. This forum neither condones or helps pirates (read: thieves), nor do we allow any discussion of piracy. Not only is piracy (and any discussion thereof) against our rules, it's illegal.

So, here's the fix: remove that piracy tweak from your iPad (and any other piracy "stuff" you may have installed). Then, I can guarantee you that your iPad will run much smoother.

That's the only help, guidance or assistance you'll get here. This thread is closed.

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