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unwanted apps on iTunes


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May 20, 2011
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Costa del Sol, Spain
I haven't been using my laptop and iTunes for quite some time and the apps that are on there are way out of date as I have done some house-keeping on the iPad and iPhone over the last months and deleted loads of apps I don't use.
If I were to delete all the apps from iTunes and then do a USB cable sync with both devices would iTunes tell me that the apps were missing from iTunes and upload them from the two devices; and then be in sync again. i.e. remove from iTunes the apps that I no longer need.

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Cobra Jet

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Mar 7, 2012
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I'm pretty sure that if you deleted (or delete) any apps on your actual iTunes account - that the next time around (syncing - if enabled, or if manually done) will sync your iTunes account with the current apps you have installed on your device. I think it will say something to the effect that your "purchases" need to be updated (and it would ask a similar question prior to when or if updating the iOS as well).

I know that when I delete apps from my actual devices (phones and ipad), I also do the same once logged into my iTunes acct w/ the apps there (deletions). Then once I plug the iphone or ipad into my computer w/ iTunes account using the USB cable, it will perform the necessary syncing process as well (backup if you will) and everything will be the same on the device as the iTunes account.
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