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Unknown Error Downloading Apps / Ipad2


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May 13, 2012
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All of a sudden, when I try to download an app, I get a pop up saying Unknown Error, Cancel or Retry as the options. There is no error code listed.

I've tried making sure all apps are closed and rebooting the IPad but that doesn't work. The last app I downloaded was this app for iPad forums. Before I delete it to see if that has anything to do with it, I thought I'd post the problem here to see if anyone else has had a simlilar problem and knows how to fix it.

I am new to using an iPad so please be patient if you tell me something and I have more questions.

Thanks for your anticipated help resolving this.
Ps....I can download and install the apps on my wife's iPad so I know it's not the app itself.
OK, I think I figured it out. I went into settings / general / reset and reset my iPad. That seems to have taken care of the issue I was having.

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