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Unknown email addresses


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Jan 24, 2012
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Auburn, CA
When composing an email, as soon as I enter a letter into the "To" box, several email addresses appear. I don't
Know these people or have I ever sent them an email. I am the only user of my iPad.
Any help would be apretiated.
No other address books were imported. The only person in my contacts is my wife. Any way to delete the unknowns?
I would like to know the answer to that too. From where do the invalid addresses come and how does one delete them?

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The addresses have been previously used on that iPad and have been retained in memory. They aren't deletable, AFAIK. Maybe you replied to someone on business, etc., and just don't remember that person specifically? Or maybe your wife has?

A long shot on possible removal: Maybe doable if you restore your iPad to factory settings? But that would mean having to restore all content to it later, and might not do the trick for erasing the address memory.

I've restored to factory settings before, but never noted whether that affected the remembered addresses.

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