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Two Ipads only one can connect at a time


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Sep 12, 2011
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South Africa
I have two ipads in the home and using a wireless extender. The problem I am having is the first ipad that logs onto the wireless network connects and works to with the web.
The second one seems to connect but the web browser or anything else says " no Internet access available" . It asks for the security code and I enter code in and accepts it , but no connection to web.

One before both were connected at the same time. It has worked before . It seems when I switch off my router and then back on it does not work, it may have new settings.

I have reset network setting , turned Ipad off and on , but still no luck.

What could be my problem , that it seems I can only have one Ipad on the network at a time.

Oh yes , our two laptops connect fine , all at the same time to the wireless network.

Pls suggest something
Can you log into your router as Administrator - either from a laptop or an iPad? If so, can you see the IP addresses of the two iPads? They should be something like 192.168.x.y - where x and y could be anything.

HI Tim,
Thanks , but I will look when I get home tonight. I will log onto my router fromy PC and have a look. If the P address are the same, could that be the problem. Can I just change the last digit of one of the IP address ?
I don't think the IP addresses will be same - I suspect that you'll find that only one of the iPads has been allocated an IP address by your router - or that the IP address allocated by your router doesn't match the IP address that the iPad 'thinks' it has. A WiFi link doesn't need an IP address, so it's perfectly possible for your iPad to be receiving a WiFi signal but has not yet been allocated an IP address or the one it 'thinks' it has been allocated is not the same as the one the router has.

HI Tim
One thing I notice is that when one of the Ipad connects the following have info : 1. Ip address 2. Subnet Mask
Router , DNS, Search Domains , Client ID there is nothing in the network setting,

The Ipad that does connect, has info in these fields.

So for some reason it is not getting this info from the Wireless extender ?

If you correct what you say, what can I do to correct it .

Its fustrating now because I am not at home where I can check all this.
but thanks for your all your help so far.
Returning to the wireless extender - can both iPads connect if they're local to the main WiFi router - i.e. if they're not trying to connect via the extender?

Hi Tim,
I checked and when I connect both IPads to just the router it works great. Both connect to the internet.
The only difference in the wireless setting is the IP address. The sunset mask,router,dns,domain are all the same on both iPads.
Why then when I move upstairs and try connect to the wireless extender, only one iPad connects to the extender and the other one has no connection.

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