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These Photos Claim to Show the Rear Shell of Apple's Next-generation iPad Air


News Team
Jun 22, 2012
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It's been a while since we've seen some interesting leaks with the upcoming iPads, since everybody seems to be concerned about the iPhone 6 these days. Now, according to information coming from far East and caught by NoWhereElse.fr publication, the above pictures seem to belong to the upcoming next-gen iPad Air.

In the above images, we can see that the purported iPad Air 2's chasis sports some minor design tweaks, such as larger speaker holes, recessed volume control buttons and a repositioned rear-facing microphone.

So, by the looks of it, aside from internal structures like screw anchors and mounting brackets, the physical control and sensor component suite, the metal chassis seems to be identical to previous leaks.

Also, it seems that the iPad Air 2 won't ave space for a "mute/orientation lock" toggle. There's also a small pinhole located above the volume buttons, but we don't know yet its purpose.

The microphone porthole also seems to have been relocated to sit just beside the rear-facing camera, and the Apple logo cutout first seen with the iPad mini with Retina display makes a return. There are also larger speaker holes arranged in a single row flanking a central Lightning connector port instead the current two-row grille design.

Source: Nowhereelse
I've been toying the idea around of getting a new iPad to replace my iPad 2. While my 2 is still working great, I wish to have a little more speed when using it. This one looks pretty darn good to me.

Looking forward to the additional follow ups on this news report. :)

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