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The Latest iPad Cases for the UK


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May 10, 2010
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We have now had official confirmation that the iPad is going to released in the UK and 8 other countries around the world from 28th May 2010.

The RRP on the iPad will start from around £429 up to £599 depending on the size of the memory in the Wi-Fi models, and the ones with 3G connectivity will cost from between £529 and £699.

So if you are one of the lucky few who manage to get hold of an iPad within the next month or so, you may be thinking about which accessories are the best for your new toy. There are many to choose from including apps, charging docks, and connection kits but particularly the cases are probably top of your list seeing as you will want to protect your latest and greatest investment.

Here is some information on the latest cases due for release in the UK this week:


Case-Mate Express
The Apple iPad is sleek and sexy, so your iPad case should be too. Created out of a black ballistic nylon, the Express is a splash-resistant; the perfect basic for a minimalistic mindset; simply slide your iPad into this case and you're good to go!

Vertical Express iPad cases feature a front opening magnetic enclosure to keep your iPad safe and secure in transit.


Case-Mate Gelli
The Gelli Kaleidoscope cover adds a splash of translucent color and gives your iPad case a funky design to set it apart from the rest. The Gelli Kaleidoscope acts as a skin - keeping your iPad safe with a fully protective, cutting-edge flexible thermoplastic material.


Case-Mate Traveler
For the iPad user on the go, the Traveler offers the best of both worlds – convenience and durability. The Travelor iPad case is a felt folio that folds out to include storage pockets for pens, business cards, whatever you may need on the go. The premium leather accents highlight the quality and utility of this iPad cover while keeping your iPad safe and secure with magnetic closures.


Case-Mate Walkabout
Keep your iPad safe without losing any style points! The Walkabout is a top-opening iPad case constructed of genuine tan leather. The top enclosure is secured by two magnets for easy access to open the folio, as needed, but strong enough to keep your iPad secured in the Walkabout cover at all times.


Otterbox Commuter
Three slender, yet sturdy layers offer tough protection in a sleek package. With a slim form factor and smooth outer layer, this case slides easily in and out of a pocket, purse or bag.


Otterbox Defender
This cutting-edge case incorporates three layers of hardcore protection plus some advanced features. Stowing your iPad away for the night or for your commute? Simply remove the back polycarbonate cover and snap it over the face for ultimate touch screen protection.

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