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Tethering New iPad to iPhone While Traveling Abroad - Is It Possible?


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Jul 9, 2012
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Just purchased my first iPad, a 32GB Wifi + 4G LTE, AT&T model. The main reason for splurging on the cellular connectivity is to have more flexibility when I travel abroad and wifi isn't reliable or readily available. I've heard great things about people buying local sim cards across Canada, South America, Europe and Asia, and using them in their iPads.

BUT, I'm now feeling a bit of buyers uncertainty (can't yet call it remorse), because I'm wondering if the Wifi model would afford me the same flexibility through tethering. When it comes to tethering my iPad to my iPhone in the US, I do see some clear advantages. I don't anticipate needing to tether all that often and the savings - between the lower cost for the wifi only iPad and the cheaper data costs for tethering - make this seem like a great option. Indeed, if I could tether my iPad to my iPhone when I'm traveling abroad, I would seriously consider trading in my current model for the wifi only version.

So, this leads to my question - has anyone had success tethering their iPad to a cell phone (iPhone or otherwise) while traveling outside of the US? Any idea if I can swap out my iPhone's AT&T sim card while abroad for a local sim with data tethering, in order to turn it into a hotspot for my iPad?

Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated! I've searched high and low for tips on this and, having no luck, am turning to you for an answer before my 2 week trial period expires. Based on the excellent posts I've seen on the site so far, am very hopeful!

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