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Syncing with iPhoto Problem


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Mar 8, 2012
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Springfield, OH
I am joining this group in hopes of solving a mystery with my iPad. I have successfully synced pictures from iPhoto in the past and this time it will not bring all of them into the iPad. All the past photos are still there after syncing. I tried several things, including syncing no photos and then all photos, but it will not bring them all in. I created a folder called "Fresno" and it has 141 pictures in it. I had edited them, using iPhoto's tools and given each a name, eliminating the code name that had been on each in the photo caption window. The first time I tried I got 26 of them and these were the last 26 in the group. After trying other things, I got 47. I now, after further attempts, get 37. I had deleted the ones that were videos from my new iPhone so that there are just stills involved, some of which are still from the iPhone. I was asked about the size of my iPad I and it shows almost 60 so that is not the issue. Does anyone have any advice? The Apple community has not really responded.

My introduction is that I am a retired teacher (band director) and musician in Springfield, Ohio. My interests are traveling and collecting vintage sportscards. I hope to meet some great people in this group.



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Aug 6, 2011
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Edmonton AB Canada
Welcome to the iPad Forum. Hope you enjoy your stay.

I'll move this thread to the help section where you might get more replies.

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