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Syncing bookmarks w/o connecting to itunes


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Dec 28, 2011
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Kingston, Ontario
I'm looking for an easy way to sync and manage my bookmarks across my iPad 2, iPhone 4, and my PC (will get a Mac eventually!)

Currently I'm using Chrome on my PC and I love it, but I'm open to trying another browser if it syncs easier. I rarely physically connect my iPad/iPhone w/ my PC to sync w/ iTunes since the new update lets me do it wirelessly. I'd like to be able to bookmark things on safari on my iPad/iPhone and be able to view them on my PC and vice versa. I've tried some bookmark manager sites but I'm not impressed w/ any thus far. I resorted to bookmarking via Instapaper for a while, but it's still not what I'm looking for.

There's GOT to be a better way!! Does anyone know what it is?
I have mine sync'g in iTunes wirelessly and it works just fine. All my bookmarks sync across all my devices. You have to enable syncing of the bookmarks from iTunes in the Info tab for the device in iTunes. No way around that.
iCloud should sync bookmarks from IE and Safari on a PC, once it is set up. I doubt it will work with Chrome, but you could check. No iTunes or connection required, except an internet connection of course.

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