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Suddenly all email bodies absent, arggh


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Aug 29, 2014
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I'm not sure why this is happening but on my (wife's) iPad 2 she has it supporting a Yahoo mail account and an independent ISP (Suddenlink) email account. Now, on both those accounts, the email messages come across without message bodies! Oddly though, the preview pane on the left shows the first few lines (or a sentence, you know, whatever) correctly of each email's missing message body. But the message body doesn't show on the right where the whole email is supposed to display so emails cannot even be read. We tried deleting our Suddenlink.net email account and then re-adding it, just to try something, but there was no change.

It was about a week ago that we were locked out of this iPad and had to restore from a recent iCloud backup, but that operation was a success and I can't see how or if it relates to this current dilemma -- likely it doesn't.

So -- any ideas ?? Thanks in advance!
Ahem. The missus has just informed me that the problem I've reported here has curiously "fixed itself". I can attest I saw it when it was amiss and it was no illusion. Ho hum ...all's well that ends well.

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