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Streaming music to Audio Receiver

Sonos is the bomb! A really nice IPad or IPhone free app to run it too.
I'm running my iPad through a Bose sound dock 10 via Bluetooth. The quality is great and there's nothing better than using your iPad as a jukebox which mine is. I just have it mounted in the wall so if peeps wanna put tracks on no problemo...I will say how ever that the range for Bluetooth is fairly average
prolly about 18 feet and is known to cut out briefly when peeps walk between the pad and the sound dock. But the best are the live music vids. Another downside is the lack of a built in equalizer,the eq settings are extremely basic and you need to leave the iPod to get to it under settings. A huge plus is the new dj for iPad which just came out! Not bad set it to auto mix choose a style and you have a mean party atmosphere with your own dj mixing tracks......

Ok so now I'm also looking for a set up so i can wirelessly run my iPad at mates houses through oldish stereos... Is this an option? Can this be done with airplay? Cheers
The belkin bluetooth receiver or the appletv could suit yourneeds.

The ATV is optical out however, so you may need a converter if the oldish receiver has no optical in.
The Belkin would be a cheaper solution.

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