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Storage space misreported


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Oct 23, 2011
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Hi. I have recently deleted all photos/ videos (9.5gb) off my ipad mini to make space but when I get into settings the original free space still shows (6.5gb) rather than 16gb. In addition I have 1600 songs downloaded but music is reported as "no data".
I have hard reset , I have downloaded the latest os update.
I hope I don't have to restore the ipad mini as I only did it six weeks ago when it refused to connect to 3G.
Any ideas anyone? Thanks. David


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Feb 22, 2012
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New York
On iOS 6 or above, the iOS system partition is roughly 1.5-3GB, meaning if your device is 16GB, expect only 13GB or so of storage space available for use. If 32, about 28-29GB, etc etc.

Check the usage of your other apps and data. If used amount displayed does not match that of the data added up completely for all apps, then the remaining/unaccounted data usage is because of caches, downloads, etc that are still stored on your device.

If you upgraded your iOS via Settings' OTA, or if you restored it using iTunes and restored an older backup, it may be that iOS is not yet finished indexing your changes, which can be the case if you're not allowing it Wifi access. If you have the songs stored on your computer, you can see if deleting all your songs, then re-syncing them resolves the issue. In times where I have that particular issue, it's because I cancel the syncing process where iTunes is retrieving the apps from my devices. If I let it backup the apps then re-sync my music, it shows up as it's supposed to

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