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Some games to recommend


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May 28, 2010
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Fort Worth, TX
I've installed a handful of games, only to remove them after a few days. A few I have found recently have actually impressed me enough to keep around.

Modern Conflict - I mentioned this a while back, but it was demo only then. The full version is finally out. Think Risk on steroids.

Osmos - Not the cheapest game, but its very pleasing to play. Great music and amazing visual appeal.

Dizzy Pad - simple, addictive. Also very visually appealing.

Harbor Master - Yeah, everyone has heard of this one. I just got around to installing it. It really is good.
Well, where do I start from.. For a start.

-Dominion HD
-Plants vs Zombies HD
-Angry Birds HD
-Cogs HD
- The Retarded Test HD (So Entertaining)

I will update the list soon, by the way if you have a jailbroken iPad just install Installous and you can get all the paid game in app store on Installous for free.
I like angry birds. Harbor Master annoyed me, but others like it. I just got modern conflict, but haven't played it. Funny, I purchased it and then saw that there was a lite version. Oh well.

I heard that PlantsVZombies is good at first but then gets boring.

I may try Godfinger or We Rule.

I am thinking of trying some of the MMP games, just not sure if I have the time to put into them.

I've just had a play of Modern Conflict lite and am pretty underwhelmed by it. A little *too* simple. I'm a little frustrated that stratagy games on the ipad seem to be stuck between the "wait for arbitrary times to pass" such as We Rule, and the not-very-stratagic-all games like Modern Warfare.

Is there anything like the old original Settlers game on the iPad? resource management & stratagy?

I have Castlecraft - I've only just started it and am already quite lost! I will continue to plug away with that to see if it starts to make more sense.

Any suggestions please?
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Minigore HD is the one I constantly open - not overly engaging but fun and could be time consuming if you want it to be.

It's great when you need to occupy some time on the bus. Great graphics too.
Hmm best short game is still Freecell for me. I'm using the mobilityware version.
Also Sodoku. Using the two Mightygood Games versions for the iphone as they just work well.
Don,t have harbour Master but I went for Flight Control which is similar.
Civ Rev....too simplistic. Wish they would convert Civ3 for iPad.
Have both Osmos and Dizzy Pad but agree that Modern Conflict is a bit simplistic.

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