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Sharing iTunes movies with different iPad under different account.

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delirium trigger

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Nov 3, 2014
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I'm not sure what's happening here but this is twice that I put a multiple movies on my nephews iPad and my fathers iPads. I have made sure that neither of these iPads are listed under my devices in my account.

I have read, that they must have family sharing or the same Apple ID in order for this to work. However it is working by selecting, "Manually mange music and video's," and then dragging the iTunes movies into the iPad.

I am not complaining that this works. However, I am wondering why it works when it's claimed they must have the same Apple ID or be associated with my ID under my account. I understand they can not purchase movies I've purchased without my ID. However they can watch them without trouble by me dragging them on there.

Before any of you go off on me about piracy, my dad is an old man and got his first iPad. He's never had a movie on it so I put one on it as well as my nephew who also got his and wanted a movie on it.

I'm just wondering if this is typing into my account somewhere that I can't see. It is not in account info on iTunes, not under Apple my support profile or my Apple ID.

Why is it that everyone thinks they can't share music/video when it is working for me? I have also shared music via email. I have a friend who likes a certain group and did not have their new album. I sent it to him track by track in email. It was also from iTunes. He doesn't even have a Mac or use iTunes. He was playing it through Windows Media player or something that has an .mp4 player.

Any info?


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Dec 3, 2011
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Sharing iTunes movies, music, and other content with others, outside of Family Sharing, in the manner you describe is indeed piracy no matter what you may believe. IPad Forums in no way supports discussion af any kind of piracy. What you are doing is also a violation of the Apple terms and conditions you had to agree to when you opened your iTunes account.

Do not post about this subject again.

With that, this thread is now closed.
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