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Q regarding iTunes Accounts & iPad Apps


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Feb 18, 2010
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I recently got married, but before I met my bride to be, she had her own iTunes account. I have mega purchases on my account (apps and music) while she had only a few purchases (music only). However she has a $60 credit in her account via iTunes gift cards.

We like having our own computers instead of sharing (thats the way it should be eh???). Can I authorize her laptop on my account and visa-versa so we can share apps and music? Can we merge both accounts?

If we authorize each others computers, how can I get an app I purchase on my account/iPad onto her account/iPad?

Should both iPads be on only one account?


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Oct 22, 2011
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My wife & I have the same issue. We would like to merge accounts to save & share apps, music etc.. But, more importantly we want to use one calendar for appointments, and merge our contacts if possible. One Mac, two iPads, iPods. And one iPhone. Anyone know how to revert back to one iTunes account?

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