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Setting Up Airport Extreme W Airport Express Wireless


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Feb 6, 2011
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I apologize if this is the wrong place to put this. Got an Airport Extreme for Chistmas to replace Netgear router and setting it up wireless today for my iGadgets and Mac and PC computers, printers, along with Airport Express to act as a wireless extender. Pulling out my hair. Worked from 11 a.m to 4 p.m., saying I'm smart enough to figure this out. Went thru the instructions several times, resetting both. Could access one part wired but NEVER access except thru guest access wireless, which can limit you, because it kept saying the PW was wrong, which it wasn't. Finally called Apple...took 20 mins for a wonderful young man to very calmly walk me thru, so simple, and nowhere on the 'net or on Apple support Web site or the instructions did this come up.

Reset both products back to factory. Plugged in the Extreme sans the modem cable. Opened up my iPad Air. Went to settings. THERE it showed a NEW Airport Extreme needing to be set up. Followed the instructions, setting my connections and everything right there. NOT thru Airport Utility on the iMac, MBP or the app on the iPad. All done thru Wi-Fi settings in the iPad. Told me when to plug in the modem cable. In less than 10 minutes had it perfect. Could then connect my printers, Apple TV, everything to it with the PW code recognized. Then followed the exact same thing with the Express. The ipad recognized it, set it up as a wireless extender for the Extreme. BAM, in business in less than 5. What a simple method. Didn't have to configure anything except input the PW code. The iPad did it all thru the settings app. Awesome speed and connection. Thank you Apple! But why, oh, why is that not in any instructions anywhere on this method?

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