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Rome: Total War—Barbarian Coming to iPad in March


iPadForums News Team
Jun 7, 2010
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Rome Total War Barbarian Invasion announced for iPad.JPG

Feral Interactive has announced that Rome: Total War—Barbarian Invasion will be coming to iPad in March. The standalone expansion pack for the critically acclaimed iPad game Rome: Total War was originally developed by Creative Assembly, with Feral Interactive handling the iPad version.

Barbarian Invasion offers players seamlessly integrated strategic and tactical gameplay during the spectacular battles, as well as diplomacy, subterfuge, and assassinations galore as you attempt to dominate the ancient world.

The campaign storyline is set in the last years of the Roman Empire, with players getting the chance to play either as a Barbarian commander or a Roman General.

The new iPad version boasts the entire original desktop game fully optimized for tablets, complete with intuitive touch controls, enhanced visuals, and mid-battle saves.
“We have been delighted by the reception of ROME: Total War on iPad and we are confident that Barbarian Invasion, bringing as it does a plethora of new tactical options, will be just as well-received,” said David Stephen, Managing Director of Feral Interactive.

Rome: Total War—Barbarian Invasion will be available exclusively via the App Store for £3.99/$4.99/€4.99. As it's a standalone expansion you don’t have to have main Rome: Total War game in order to play it.

Source: Feral Interactive

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