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Roll-back an app update


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Sep 19, 2013
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Vancouver, WA
I am running iOS 7.0.4 and just installed an app update from the "Apps Store" that was an iOS 7 updated version of the app. It deleted all the stored data for that app and the new app format is no longer what I want or need. Is there a way to selectively restore the previous version of this app from my PC's iTunes backup without screwing up all the other later installed app updates or is it possible to access the old version of the app via the "App Store"? If not, is there an "app archive" where old versions live?
If you made a purchase transfer of the older version of the application previously, you can restore the older version of the app.

With respect to your second inquiry, it's possible but not a simple process. It's best to contact the developers to see if they can provide a solution to your issue that would allow you to install the old app version through corporate distribution means, which avoids having to modify and inject the old data and restore from a backup completely

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