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Restore iPad2


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Aug 26, 2011
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California USA
Hi dee ho!
I restored my iPad 2 of course I backed it up before I did it. I noticed that when the iPad restored not all games came back some of them went to the game center where it looked like I had to buy them over again.
My questions are.
1 If I download it from the store does the icon have to be on the pad and the game center?
2 do all my paid apps stay on iCloud or should I back them up separate from everything since I lost my iBook?
3 Do I have to tweak everything all over again?
4 Also what exactly is a jailbreak and why would you do it.

Thank you


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Nov 20, 2011
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I would try to go to the app store, find them in "purchased" and just do a quick down load. If you have progress saved this will not work because it will down load it as a new game even though you aren't paying for it again.

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