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Remote desktop/VNC type app needed - specific requirements


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Jul 23, 2010
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I'm after a recommendation as there are quite a few out there that do very slightly different things.

I have an old laptop running vista home premium which I currently use as a media server. Since getting my AppleTV i've been spending more time tinkering with it, so...

Currently i'm using free team viewer HD, which is 'okay' (it's great seeing as it's free, but am happy to pay for one now if its going to make my life easier) but I find the interface a little 'clunky', i'm not entirely happy with how the touch interface is adapted for a mouse one.

So can someone recommend me a remote desktop app which is easy to set up (no messing around with IP's!), reasonably quick - i'm not going to be watching video or playing games on the laptop, I just occassionally need to browse the net on it for updates, download handy media utilities etc, and has a good interface, I'm happy to install PC client software if it's needed (like teamviewer) - if it works via the LAN (either only or and), that is fine.

Cheers for any help.


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Mar 30, 2011
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VNC Pocket Office

Not sure if this will help but. Just released the latest version of VNC Pocket Office v4.1.3 on the iPhone and iPad 2.

The fastest, most configurable, most versatile Remote desktop VNC app available.Full screen view. Incorporates features like WOL & Bonjour. Full inbuilt HELP & setup guide + links to Video tutorials.

Connect to Mac, PC or Linex using or running:

-Mac OX Screen sharing
-UltraVNC ( recommended )
-Vine ( Mac )
- Screen sharing (Mac)


-- Can store over 100 connection setups.
-- Bonjour discovery for fast easy connection.
-- Built in Help, setup & advanced features support.
-- Supports any screen size including multi screens ( Dependent on device memory size )
-- Supports server scaling for ultra-fast response with compatible VNC servers.
-- Virtual mouse or touch gestures for precise control. Including drag/drop & all 3 buttons.
-- Mini map feature for fast movement over large or magnified screens.
-- Wake up On Lan settings.
-- Built in multi keyboards options for Mac & PC.
-- 8 Built in Encoding options.
-- Sticky keys for 3D game control.
-- WiFi EDGE or GPRS connection setups.
-- Full control over connection settings; encoding, colour resolution, server scaling etc.


includes Bonjour discovery.
More information about connections.
iPad tested

Rodent emulation :-

Left or right mouse click or scroll wheel using virtual mouse, or by single double or triple touch control. Signal touch to move the mouse to that point on the screen.

Two finger pinch/stretch


The fastest VNC viewer using inbuilt game derived technology. Can even view video from host over WiFi at 15> frames per second.

See video at

Fast connection setup over Bonjour.

See video

iPhone 4 gets VNC Pocket Office 4 Pro All the features of VNC Pocket Office plus a new graphics 3D cube interface And more, the fastest VNC viewer on the iPhone 4

Update see what Apple Amsterdam had to say about VNC Pocket Office Pro

"We were looking for a VNC client to manage servers and AMX touch screens controlling our presentation environment in our Apple Briefing Centre in Amsterdam. I have (bought and) tested several apps and this one does it all in one on such a level that we can hand out iPads to users in that specific room to control their presentation from iPad.
The fact that it nicely scales the AMX screen to full-size and auto connects to the right source (if prepared in the setting) makes it even more usable than the AMX screen itself. For touch screen you need a direct relation to the scaled position of the finger WITHOUT a virtual mouse, some other apps try and solve this with a moving-dot you have to manipulate or have a permanent mouse area in the screen, but this app simply responds the way you expect it to do. The fact that you can set a device to automatically connect makes it that we preprogrammed 2 iPads to replace the AMX screens in the presentation rooms. Is everything perfect in this app..? well i would say yes for our regular user, i had a little confusion on the setup user-interface essentially consists of 3 parts, help screen that took me a while to get off my screen... but when i found the button it was gone. Then there is the setup panel for screen and mouse that pops up wen you do a 3 finger tap that has some unconventional UI elements like arrow op and down on 2 sides of an choice but there is no way you can see what the arrows will do, a radio button would be more familiar and convenient here. And then there is a list of connections with settings for every connection related to the connection that is the best of all setting UI elements and fairly logic for all the nerdy settings that are involved here.
Since you setup the connection settings just once it takes some time to find the right buttons in the right place.. but once the app has been setup it does an absolutely great job. Since for me it is the result that counts i still give the app a 5 star rating.
It serves my purpose 100% and the developer is very supportive on his app. My users are happy so i am too !"

Thanks for your support.

Bram Elderman

Sr. Systems Engineer

More updates :-

Still using UltraVNC; Parys Technografx (VNC Pocket office Pro) in collaboration with SingleClick Systems have developed a new VNC product "SingleClick CONNECT" that utilises server side setup and connect functions which removes any problems setting up your VNC connection to your home or office. ( A singleclick account required and a PC).
Goto for more details.


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Mar 25, 2011
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I am using Jump Desktop on my Ipad 2 and LOVE it. It costs $19.99 from the app store. Check out the feedback for this app on the app store and you will see the same rave reviews that I did before I bought it.

As with any remote desktop application (except logmein ignition), you will need to configure the remote connection entries. Jump's interface is elegantly simple and it is very easy to use and it does not require software to be installed on the remote computer you are connecting to.

I use it to connect to my home computers and client computers and servers and love the touch screen interface. When you touch an icon or button on the screen, the mouse cursor automatically goes to that location and performs the single or double touch (click) operation.

I am in no way affiliated with Jump Desktop. Hope this helps.


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Mar 21, 2011
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Los Angeles
I use iTeleport and realized a long time ago (back when it was just called Teleport, before it was changed to Jaadu VNC or whatever) that I could stop comparing it to any other VNC apps.
It's really the best app I've ever bought and continually just gets better.

That being said, I haven't used the other one that you mentioned.

Plus it has a nice icon. (it's the whole package)

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