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Reliable download manager


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Oct 11, 2011
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Hi Guys, I'll make this short and sweet. I'm looking for a RELIABLE and very capable download manager. I did a forum search and didnt come up with much:(

I've tried a few free apps from the app store, and have browsed others as well but many seem to have very negative ratings.

This is what I require in a download manager:

-Ability to download any media from any hosting site
-Multi-tab browsing
-Multiple downloads
-The ability to extract .rar and .zip files
-Download in background
-"open with" feature

I've tried:

-downloads lite
-idownloads plus HD free
-filer lite

All of which are great, however lack either reliability or a requirement listed above.
Any recommendations?

Any help is appreciated, thanks
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My number one choice meteoric hd browser it can download any file from any site with resume , multi and all standard feature plus it's file manager too ,, u can also add file extension if u can't download certain files, Let me know.
^I actually tried Meteoric download manager HD. I ended up getting a refund from apple due to the app not functioning properly.

.rar file extracting would cause the app to crash, the meteoric help section was slow and laggy, sometimes unresponsive, browser was significantly slower than other free download managers.

Ended up with Downloads HD. Everything works seamlessly, browser is quick, no crashes whatsoever, support for downloading from ANY hosting site
Take a look at the app GoodReader ($4.99, USD). There's plenty of threads discussing its virtues, so I won't go into details.

I believe it does a majority of, if not all, that you require.


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