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Problems with restoring ipad 3


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Dec 30, 2012
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Hi all,

New to the iPad. Anyways just a bit confused about how things work I'll try to describe my problem in much detail as I can.

1. When I bought my iPad about 2 months ago I did a backup and sync via iTunes. I seemed to have set a password on the backup and forgot it. Anyways my forum and google searches indicate that essentially I can't recover the backup password, if I need to start over I'll have to do a restore from iTunes and select set up a new device.

2. I did a factory reset of my iPad and all my purchased are in the App Store, happy about that.

I was syncing via iTunes so the apps are there as well. When I connect my iPad to computer iTunes sees it but I can't seem to transfer the apps via iTunes. I select to install and iTunes says will install I click apply or sync nothing happens.

Is there a way to install the apps in iTunes to my reset iPad?

Thanks in advance.

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