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Please help a newbie mini Ipad user, thank you in advance


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May 21, 2013
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United States
Hello all,
I recently purchased a mini ipad and me and my friend went on vacation and we use my ipad to take all the pictures and now I am trying to share the photos with her but I cannot. Please can anyone kindly suggest the best photo album sharing apps for me? I have tried both Photobucket and drop box but these only allow me to share the photo one by one, I want to share the whole albums with her. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
Please mind you, my friend does not have ipad, does that mean I cannot share the pictures with her? I would like to share the whole album and not just a single photo. Thank you well in advance.


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Dec 7, 2012
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I downloaded the app"PhotoSync"
Its very user friendly.
I take it the other person has a computer?
If so its easy. Your friend installs the free download of the same programme. After that you can share whole albums or single photos.
The app has a small charge for the i pad

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