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Ipad 3 Photo album


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Jul 9, 2012
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Hi any one can help ?
I can't remove photos from my IPad Photos , I can highlighting them but, it can just copy or share the delete button doesn't highlight .
Tried to plug in to the computer , it doesn't show any photos in folder .
I did delete all stream photos . Now I have three options in photos : Photos , Stream Photos , Albums

Anyone have same problem ?

To delete the photos on your iPad click on the photo icon when the photos come up you make sure that you're in photos not photo stream you click on the icon in the upper right-hand corner which is a box with an arrow going out of it. Then on the left you'll see all three choices, one of those is delete you select the photos you want to delete and confirm that you want to delete them that should get rid of them.
I tried that , the delete button doesn't highlight . I press down the photo I want to delete and delete button doesn't highlight. I restarted many times my Ipad
I think you should click on the saved photos then make a tap on the right arrow icon.... the delete button will be highlighted and you can delete the selected pictures.
I have done this several times... hope it might work for you..
If you transferred the photos to the iPad with iTunes you can delete them only by syncing with iTunes.
Ok I am going to try let u know
It Doesn't worked , will have to take it to the service .
Hey! Seems like a complex problem you are facing.Yes sometime a simple problem becomes a complex and when it is solved it seems very simple.
I am not certain about the OS of both device(Your computer and Ipad)
I think different OS may prevent you from viewing the photos from your Ipad when you pluged in to Computer.

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